Ravin' Blues Studio


Dave's made it. You could, too.

Since 1996, Ravin' Blues Studio has recorded some of the hottest tracks in the country.

"I started Ravin' Blues Studio in 1996 as a place to record my band, Dave the Rave & the Rhythm Slaves, and make CD's to sell at gigs. It quickly morphed into a project studio to record regional bands, singer-songwriters, DJ's, and spoken-word artists. Nowadays, I continue to record my band weekly, as well as a wildly diverse group of recording musicians. Every summer I record a conference in Hartford, CT, for same-day distribution of product. If you'd like to get in on the action, click on the "Contact" page to book a recording session, book Dave the Rave & the Rhythm Slaves, order CD's, or just get in touch with me. Thanks!"
~Dave, engineer


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